“As registered with the General Dental Council we fully adhere to their standards.”

Put patients’ interests first
Patients expect:

  • To be listened to and have their preferences and concerns taken into account
  • To be treated as individuals and have their cultures and values respected
  • That all members of the dental team will be honest and act with integrity
  • That all aspects of their health and well-being will be considered and they will receive dental care that is appropriate for them
  • To be treated in a clean and safe environment
  • That reasonable adjustments will be made for any disabilities
  • That their interests will be put before financial gain and business need
  • Redress if they suffer harm during dental treatment
  • That their dental pain and anxiety will be managed appropriately

Communicate effectively with patients
Patients expect:

  • To receive full, clear and accurate information that they can understand, before, during and after treatment, so that they can make informed decisions in partnership with the people providing their care
  • A clear explanation of the treatment, possible outcomes and what they can expect
  • To know how much their treatment will cost before it starts, and to be told about any changes
  • Communication that they can understand
  • To know the names of those providing their care

Obtain valid consent
Patients expect:

  • To be asked for their consent to treatment before it starts

Maintain and protect patients’ information
Patients expect:

  • Their records to be up to date, complete, clear, accurate and legible
  • Their personal details to be kept confidential
  • To be able to access their dental records
  • Their records to be stored securely

Have a clear and effective complaints procedure
Patients expect:

  • Their concerns or complaints to be acknowledged, listened to and dealt with promptly

Work with colleagues in a way that serves the interests of patients
Patients expect:

  • To be fully informed of the different roles of the dental professionals involved in their care
  • That members of the dental team will work effectively together

Maintain, develop and work within your professional knowledge and skills
Patients expect:

  • To receive good quality care
  • That all members of the dental team:
    • are appropriately trained and qualified;
    • keep their skills up to date;
    • know their limits and refer patients as appropriate; and
    • work within current laws and regulations

Raise concerns if patients are at risk
Patients expect:

  • That the dental team will act promptly to protect their safety if there are concerns about the health, performance or behaviour of a dental professional or the environment where treatment is provided
  • That a dental professional will raise any concerns about the welfare of vulnerable patients

Make sure your personal behaviour maintains patients’ confidence in you and the dental profession
Patients expect:

  • That all members of the dental team will maintain appropriate personal and professional behaviour
  • That they can trust and have confidence in you as a dental professional
  • That they can trust and have confidence in the dental profession



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