Last updated: 4 January 2019

Remember as a Denplan Patient you get all of the below treatment included!*


New Patient Consultation incl. X-rays


Regular Consultation incl. X-rays


Emergency appointment for non-registered patient


Child Consultation (without parent)


Child Consultation (together with parent)

£Age of child

Treatment for children, eg fillings etc. Up to the age of 18


Study Models


Digital X-ray


Panoral X-ray


Scale and polish (at the same time as consultation)


Scale and polish (separate appointment)


Periodontal treatment session


Restorative Treatment

Filling (one surface)


Filling (Two surfaces)


Filling (Three or more surfaces)


Porcelain inlay


Gold inlay


Crown (Porcelain fused to metal)


Crown (E-max)


Crown (Zirconia)


Crown with Post -from


Conventional Bridges per Unit


Acid Etch Bridges per Tooth


Conventional Bridges per Unit


Porcelain Veneer


Implant retained Crown (incl implant)


Addition for bone grafting if needed


Endodontic Treatment

Root Canal Treatment – front tooth


Root Canal Treatment – premolar


Root Canal Treatment – molar


Dentures etc

Full Upper Denture


Full Lower Denture


Acrylic Partial Denture single Tooth


Acrylic Partial Denture more than one tooth


Metal Partial Denture


Michigan Occlusal Splint


Soft Mouth Guard


Extractions and Surgery



Surgical Extraction


Wisdom Tooth Extraction


Minor Oral Surgery


Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening treatment with Home Kit